Schysst! Car Subscription from Gjensidige

Schysst! Car Subscription from Gjensidige


by Jordan Symmonds on 18.10.22

Last updated at 21.10.22 11:40 AM

Stockholm April 23rd - The new mobility service is called Schysst and offers a flexible car subscription service that gives the consumer access to a vehicle without any up-front payment or long-term commitment. The Schysst car subscription service comes with everything included, like insurance, maintenance, tires, and home delivery services. Everything is made easily accessible through the Casi white-label platform. 

As a joint effort with Hedin Bil, Casi offers a complete Car Subscription as a Service service; both platform and a variety of operational business services. 

  • Sourcing of vehicles, Financing and Fleet Management
  • Customer Support and Logistics
  • Business Analytics
  • Sales & Marketing
Schysst is a perfect example of partner-based innovation between startups and incumbents in a rapidly changing automotive industry. Gjensidige, being an insurance partner and a non-traditional automotive player, makes it even more interesting. Joining forces increases creativity, scalability and ability to execute! Hans Kristian Aas, CEO of Casi, previously imove tech.

Car Subscription services is often compared to Spotify for music or Netflix for film. Schysst is a flexible service that takes care of all the practicalities related to the car so that you don't have to worry about things such as tire changes, service, value decrease, unforeseen expenses etc. If you would like to swap for another car there are no costs and you may pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Check out the Schysst service here.

Schysst mobile

Responsive web with fully digital onboarding, credit scoring and Bank-ID authentication

Schysst wants to offer an easy, affordable and flexible way to own a car. With our subscription service you can subscribe to a small car for everyday use, and for those occasions where you need a larger vehicle, you have access to a fleet of stationwagons and SUVs. 10 day access is already included in the subscription! Markus Ljungblad, business developer Schysst

Faksimile fra Uppsala Nya Tidning

Faksimile fra Uppsala Nya Tidning

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