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What's on the menu?


by Jordan Symmonds on 11.09.22

Last updated at 21.03.23 12:22 PM

Through our years of hands-on experience and innovation, we’ve created commercial models that enable eco-system powerplays where both parties are incentivized to scale services profitably. Oh ya, that’s a win-win.

Casi is your car subscription partner, and we offer an a la carte menu of business services in addition to our distribution and tech platform. These services ensure a smooth end-customer experience and enable you to focus on what you do best.

Sharing our learnings

Check out what else Casi can do for you:

  • Support with strategy and growth
  • Car financing and sourcing
  • Marketing and eCommerce services
  • Brand and UX design
  • Customer service
  • Fleet operations and logistics
  • Eco-system and value-add services
  • Fleet optimization and analytics

Casi has experience running car subscription services across the Nordics and Europe. We’re not shy about sharing our learnings and approach each partnership with enthusiasm.

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