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It’s not magic, it’s Casi.


by Jordan Symmonds on 11.09.22

Last updated at 19.10.22 12:35 PM

Our platform controls the entire lifecycle of your fleet, from purchase to liquidation, and offers smart integrations like payment, credit check, operations, subscription management and customer service. Through a high-degree of automation, our platform enables profitable scalability.

Unleash the power of your fleet with our business analytics tools which provide a complete overview of the fleet’s performance, profitability, growth projections, customer profiles, subscriptions, and a fleet recommendation engine.

Business analytics tools

Our digital fleet and subscription management tools provide an in-depth understanding of operational costs, and the platforms event-driven architecture means when something happens with you service, you can act quickly.

The platform’s operational tools make day-to-day fleet management and customer service a smooth operation through a high degree of automation. By using data as your foundation for decision making, scaling your service profitably becomes a reality.

Talk with the Casi crew to learn more about how our platform can quickly enable you to launch and scale your own car subscription service.

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