Privacy statement

Privacy Statement

Last updated: 14/2/2023

This privacy policy gives you information about Casi's processing of your personal data, including what personal data Casi processes about you, the purpose of the processing, the basis for the processing, and what rights you have.

The following terms and conditions shall have this content in the privacy policy:

• Personal information: all information that can be linked to a natural person. Processing: any operation performed with personal data.

The basis for processing: Legal basis that legitimizes Casi’s processing of your personal data. Casi will always process your personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data, including Regulation 2016/679 / EU ("GDPR") from the date of entry into force. Casi is responsible for the processing covered by this privacy policy. If you have questions or requests regarding our processing of your personal information, you can send an e-mail to

The purpose of Casi's processing and categories of information that is processed Casi only processes personal information that is relevant and necessary in connection with evaluating your participation and possibly offering you a place in the pilot project and/or sending you marketing. The information we process includes contact information (for example, name, address, e-mail, and telephone number) and information that you have given us in connection with inquiries and any inquiries.

2. Where do we get the personal information from? Contact information is obtained when you enter the information on We will also be able to get information about you through your contact with one of our employees. The same applies to personal information that you provide in connection with any surveys you participate in.

3. Processing basis for Casi’s processing of your personal data In accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR, Casi processes your personal data as necessary to fulfill our agreement with you. For processing performed to send you marketing, including newsletters, our processing base is your consent to such processing, in accordance with GDPR Article 6, first paragraph, letter a. You can revoke your consent at any time by contacting us by email Revoking your consent will not affect the legality of Casi’s processing before the consent was withdrawn. In some cases, Casi, according to law or public authority, will need to process your personal data for other purposes. In such cases, the processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation incumbent on Casi, in accordance with Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR.

4. Share and disclose your personal information: Unless otherwise agreed, Casi has the right to share the information with employees of Casi or other companies in the Casi group as far as necessary. The confidentiality of your personal information covers Casi's employees. Casi will not disclose or share information with third parties outside the EU / EEA without a legal basis, for example, on the basis of your express consent, a European Commission decision on adequate protection, or binding business rules securing your personal information. In any case, personal information will not be shared or disclosed unless it is necessary for the purposes set out in this declaration. Subcontractors' processing of your personal data is always regulated in an agreement and in accordance with the confidentiality legislation in force at any given time.

5. Storage of personal data Casi stores your personal information for as long as is necessary for Casi to achieve the purposes mentioned in paragraph 1 of this statement or as long as it is required of us to comply with legal requirements.

6. Your rights: According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to access, correct, limit the processing and deletion of your personal data. If you want to exercise your rights, you can contact Casi at the email The right to access your personal information gives you access to the information, including the categories processed, recipients of personal information, and the information's purpose. Read more about this right and restrictions in Article 15 of the GDPR. The right to correct your personal information allows you to correct incorrect information about processes about you. Read more about this right in Article 16 of the GDPR. The right to delete only applies in certain cases, for example, if Casi has illegally processed personal data or you revoke your consent. The right to deletion presupposes that the conditions in the law are met, cf. Article 17 of the GDPR and that Casi has no other legal basis for the processing. You also have the right to demand limitation of the Casi processing of your personal data in accordance with Article 18 of the GDPR. In addition, you have the right to receive the personal data to process processes electronically about you in a structured, commonly used.

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