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Our partners are experiencing fundamental industry changes that led them to car subscription as an additional distribution model. They rely on us to quickly unlock new revenue streams and enable their service's growth through leading technology and experience.

We empower companies to offer car subscription services that delight end-users; because a better automotive future is more flexible and sustainable for end-users and providers alike!

End-users may love car subscription but not done correctly, scaling the service can be a headache. Since 2018, Casi has paved the way for leading subscription services and knows what it takes to establish subscription as a profitable business model.

We walk the talk

To ensure state-of-art cutting edge solutions we don’t just sit in our office and develop software. In 2018, we "took our own medicine" and launched our own car subscription service in Norway. We started as a collaborative idea between the car division in Frydenbø Group - Frydenbø Bil AS and NEW & Company AS.

Frydenbø had a hypothesis that in the future, a growing part of the customer segment would favor flexibility and sharing of cars rather than owning their own. NEW contributed their entrepreneurial spirit and competence within disruptive technology. Phase one of the cooperation started as an innovation project, “Mobility as a Service,” to learn how to create an ideal customer journey that would meet the changing demands and capitalize on the presented business opportunities.

Casi was founded in August 2018, with a 60%/40% ownership split between Frydenbø Bil and NEW & Company and select partners. Since then, we have partnered with world-wide automotive players to enable them to do the same. Every day we get hands-on experience and analyze our communities successes to continuously grow the car subscription segment.

Our Nordic DNA

Casi is born and raised in Norway, the world’s leader in electric vehicle share and one of the most digital countries in the world. During the last decade, Norway has acquired hands-on experience of electrifying the vehicle fleet, experienced radical changes in consumer behavior, and established pioneer industry recipes to adapt and benefit from the electric revolution.

The existing automotive industry is being turned upside-down by significant changes creating a perfect storm for challenging traditional ways and launching new services. Consumers demand more environmentally friendly transportation and easily accessible digital services that seamlessly adapt to unique needs and convenience-oriented lifestyles. Car subscription services provide the needed flexibility and bundled services that meet modern customers’ expectations.

Car subscription is expected to make a substantial impact on the automotive industry. OEMs and industry experts estimate that 20-30% of new car sales globally will be in the shape of a subscription service already by 2025. Today car subscription and bundling services are top strategic priorities for any automotive executives.

Our investors

At Casi, we value collaboration and have seen that eco-system powerplays generate success. At the beginning of 2020, we did our first capital raise and welcomed leading Nordic automotive players, Hedin Automotive, and DSD, a Nordic transportation player, as investors.

Hedin and DSD shared their industry knowledge and scalability power with us and, despite challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to reach 20% monthly growth throughout 2020.

In 2021, Casi went international and closed a 21MEUR Series A capital raise led by leading European automotive marketplace, AutoScout24, and followed by VCs Norselab and Idekapital, as well as climate fund, Nysnø, and Automotive fund, Rothschild Vazuki.

Our impressive investor network has enabled Casi to pioneer the car subscription segment and empower automotive players to introduce new revenue streams for their businesses.

Casi’s story has just begun and in five years’ time, we just might be asking, “Remember when we used to own cars?”

We have years of insight we’re eager to share with you.

About us

  • Hans Kristian Aas

    CEO & Co-founder


    Part of the founding team in 2018 and overall responsible for the company, subsidiaries, and joint ventures at Casi. Owner and partner at NEW & Company, the venture studio that co-founded Casi. Holds several board positions in startup companies.

    Former Head of FutureTech in the Nordics and Tech Advisory Financial Services in Norway at Accenture. Also part of the AI leadership team in Europe and Latin America.

    Hans Kristian has a MSc degree in Business and Economics from The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

  • Joel Sundstrøm

    Joel Sundstrøm



    Overall responsible for the sales activities of the Casi tech platform.

    Former Management Consultant at Accenture Financial Services, leading the FutureTech team in Norway. Experience working with various start-ups in NEW & Company and was Co-founder of NEW Labs.

    Joel holds an MSc in Engineering Physics and a BSc in Business from Uppsala University. He has also studied Computer science at UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

  • Ane Furu

    Ane Furu



    COO at Casi - Car Subscription as a Service. Overall responsible for all launched services on the Casi tech platform, across Europe. Chair of the Board of Reodor Studios.

    Former Head of New Mobility Services in Møller Mobility Group and Senior Business Development Manager in Bertel O. Steen AS. Prior to entering the mobility industry, Ane worked as a management consultant in Capgemini Consulting.

    Ane holds a MSc degree in Business and Economics from The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and a CEMS MIM Master of International Management.

  • CFO Casi.auto

    Sindre Færøy Enge



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